Make up for your carbon footprint

We encorage the tourism community to participate in a joint action to fight against climate change, something that worries more and more travelers. We propose to do this by planting native trees un the Patagonia, and compensating our carbon footprint. If we do not succeed in stopping global warming in a 1.5 grades increase, by 2030 climate changes will be irreversible. This could cause more heat waves, a greater increase in the sea level, danger of coral reefs dissappearing for good, worse droughts and extreme rain. When we use energy we generate a footprint in the global carbon dynamic. This footprint can be measured as carbon tons emitted yearly, and can be compensated absorving from the atmosphere the carbon we emit, through the plantation of trees. Each tree annualy absorbs a total of 0,3 tn of Co2, pwhich meand that by planting 100 trees, we would be compensating 30 tons of carbon.

Your company can be part of the campaign

Be part of the campaign
Sponsor 100 native trees
We encourage the tourism community to be a part of a joint action in order to take a stand against climate change, an issue that worries more and more travelers. How? By planting native trees in Patagonia and making up for our carbon footprint.
  • Each company that participates will be sponsoring the plantation of 100 native trees.
  • Delivery of media kit to communicate the campaign through their channels.
  • Visibility in Bioferia, 2019 in Reforest-AR's spot in the event.
  • Visibility of the campaign in social networks that target travelers and responsible consumers: Bioguía e Intriper.

In collaboration with

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Amigos de la Patagonia
The Asociación de Amigos de la Patagonia (AAP) is a non profit organization first founded in 1999, in San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina.
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The web community of responsible consumption with the greatest positive impact in the world.
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Ecological restoration program of the native woods which were degraded by the fire, with the objective of planting a million native trees in the Argentinian Patagonia.
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Mass event which transmits a sustainable lifestyle of responsible consumption.

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