Terms and conditions “Demand Survey – INPROTUR”

Terms and conditions “Demand Survey – INPROTUR”

  1. From the organizer: The raffle “Demand Survey – INPROTUR” (hereinafter, the “raffle”) is organized by IDEAS MAS ACCION S.A. (hereinafter, the “Organizer”), with address at Arias 1691 – Zip Code 1429 (CUIT 30-71530534-4), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, importing the participation in this raffle the knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, of the decisions adopted by the Organizer on any unforeseen matter or that is a consequence of them, as well as of the procedures, regulations or systems established by the Organizer for participation in this draw.
  2. Participants: All individuals who are over 21 years of age may participate in this draw.

Additionally, they must comply with the obligations of the dynamics of the draw: complete the survey and leave their data in the form according to the corresponding language: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/madzensurveyen 

All personnel (own and / or contracted) of the Organizer and / or the Organizer’s suppliers and / or direct relatives of these people up to the second degree of kinship and / or all those companies or related persons are excluded from participating in the draw. with the organization of this raffle.

  1. Consultation of the Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions may be consulted at (https://https://madzen.travel/2021/06/15/terms-and-conditions-demand-survey-inprotur). Any violation of these Terms and Conditions, or of the procedures or systems established by the Organizer to carry out this draw, will imply the immediate exclusion of the participant without any compensation from the organizers and / or their suppliers.
  2. Validity: There will be time to complete the survey from June 10, 2021, until June 14, 2021 – henceforth, the “Validity Period” -. The Organizer may modify the start date and / or end date of the draw, having to communicate such circumstances.
  3. Mechanics of the draw: This draw will only apply to participants who meet the requirements of point 2 of these rules and conditions.

Operation: The participant must complete the entire survey, including their contact information as a mandatory requirement.

Participation in this draw is free and, therefore, without any obligation to purchase. All those that do not comply with the requirements established in the points of these Terms and Conditions will be considered void. In the event that the winning participant does not respond to or claim their prize within thirty (30) calendar days following the end of the “Validity Period”, their right to claim the prize will be revoked. In this case, the Organizer will have the obligation to carry out a new draw with the same participants.

  1. Prizes: there will be two prizes for two winners.

The first prize: two (2) nights of accommodation for one person at any Selina property (Palermo, Nueva Córdoba or Bariloche) includes breakfast, does not include: lunch, dinner or per diem. Not valid for the peak winter season (in Bariloche), long weekends or special dates (in any property). For the award, the winner must write to luisinap@selina.com with the notification that accredits him as the winner of the award requesting the reservation.

The second prize: five (5) days of access to the Aiespacio cowork in Villa La Angostura with seven (7) nights of accommodation in a cabin with possible uses between the months of April and November from Saturday to Saturday. For this award contact andres@aintegra.net.

You will be sent a confirmation voucher that you can use as documentation of the reservation to present at the time of check-in. The vouchers will be valid from the moment the winners are announced until November 30, 2021. The dates to redeem the prizes are subject to availability of Selina, Aiespacio and the cabin.

  1. Responsibilities: the Organizer is not responsible for the authenticity of the data provided by the participant in the registration act, or for the provision of incorrect, imprecise and / or incomplete information that make it impossible to deliver the prize.
  2. Modification, Cancellation or Suspension: The Organizer may at its sole discretion: a) increase or decrease the list of draws and prizes established in these bases; b) modify the start and end dates of the promotion; c) modify these bases; d) to desist from carrying out the present, communicating on its site or through the same website in which these Terms and Conditions were published, without granting the right to any claim on the part of the participants.
  3. Selection of the winner: Participants who have complied with the Sweepstakes Mechanics and comply with the rest of the requirements contained in these Terms and Conditions, will have the right to participate in the draws for the indicated prizes. It will be held on June 21, through the site https://namepicker.net/, which includes all the names of the participants and will automatically select a first winner and alternates at random.
  4. Communication of the winner: the winner will be notified in the week of June 21 to 25 on all INPROTUR social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) once the action is completed.
  5. Award ceremony:
  6. a) Once the beneficiary is published, he will be contacted via email, through which he will be asked to respond by informing: NAME AND SURNAME and MAIL in order to combine the delivery of his prize.
  7. b) The beneficiary has 5 calendar days to respond via email. In the event that the first substitutes do not respond within the previously stipulated period, the second substitutes will be contacted. In the event that the second alternates do not respond within the stipulated period, the prize will be vacant and the winners will lose their right to claim the prize, leaving it in the hands of the “ORGANIZER”, who will dispose of it at their discretion.
  8. c) The expenses incurred by the beneficiary, on the occasion or on the occasion of attending to claim and / or withdraw and / or make use of his prize, will be at his sole expense and expense.
  9. Transfer of information and authorization of use: Participation in the raffle constitutes consent for the “ORGANIZER” to use the data obtained for present and future advertising and / or promotional purposes. In the same way, users and / or beneficiary expressly authorize the “ORGANIZER” to use their names or personal images to publicize the draw in any medium in the way that the “ORGANIZER” deems appropriate and without this generating the right to any compensation, during the validity of the draw and up to 2 (two) years after its end. Likewise, under the terms provided by the National Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 25,326, the owner may at any time request the withdrawal, total or partial blocking of his name from the Database, communicating by mail to gescobar@argentina.travel.
  10. Any attempt or method of participation in the draw carried out by any process, technique or mechanics other than those detailed in these “Bases” is prohibited and will be annulled.
  11. The “ORGANIZER” will not be responsible for the interruptions, cuts, failures of the communication equipment, the Internet network, the power supply, the telephone lines, nor for technical defects, human errors or deliberate actions of third parties that could interrupt or alter the normal development of the draw or cause damage to the equipment or software of the “Participants” and / or any deficiency that could hinder access and / or Internet browsing by the “Participants”.
  12. Notifications and communications. To contact the “ORGANIZER”, the “Participants” and / or users may direct their communications to: gescobar@argentina.travel. The notifications and communications sent by the “ORGANIZER” to the email that appears as the email address of the “Participant”, user or sender will be considered effective and fully valid.
  13. In the event of disputes that arise within the framework of this draw, the laws in force in the Argentine Republic will apply and the Ordinary Courts based in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires will have jurisdiction.
  14. The “ORGANIZER” reserves the right to add the email addresses of the participants in its database for institutional and / or promotional shipments.
  15. The “ORGANIZER” is not responsible for any event and / or mishap that arises during the winners’ stay abroad; They are entirely responsible for your safety and for obtaining insurance for travel abroad.
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